Allen Brown Gallery celebrates 30 years!

Many congratulations to Allen Brown for being in business for 30 years. Allen was a tenant at Ridware Craft Centre when he approached us to see if we had a suitable premises at Heart of the Country. As was usual in those early years, we did not, but immediately set the wheels in motion to convert another redundant farm building. We knew that Allen’s presence would be a real feather in our cap, and were desperate to maintain his interest.

Because we were converting what is now and has always been Allen’s gallery, he was able to have regular input into its design and building. One of the early considerations was – where to put the safe!! Now… this was, and still is… no small affair! In the event, the unit was effectively built around the safe! It will be there forever, or at least until all the internal and external walls have been removed.

As one of the 3 remaining founder tenants at Heart of the Country, Allen is pretty much family and we feel very close to him and his business. Allen is a member of a very long lived farming family. As his dad was working well into his 80’s, there is reason to suppose that Allen will be here in 2036 to celebrate 50 years in business. I feel sure that if this is the case, he will still be as innovative and original in his designs as he has always been.

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