A wish come true story

Our wonderful Father Christmas was back yesterday, delightly children young and old. Clive and his wife Jasi returned to the Village after visiting Father Christmas last year, to share a very interesting story. On his previous visit he had told Father Christmas that after fifty years he had finally given up hope of ever getting the train set he’d dreamt of as a boy. Father Christmas reassured Clive and said, as he had been so good, this year he would definitely be rewarded. Christmas Day 2015 came, dinner was served, all the presents were unwrapped – once again there was no train set! But guess what… His wish came true, his dear friend Pete delivered his train set at tea time on Christmas Day! This proves our Father Christmas is truly magical, you can visit him this Sunday 12noon – 3pm. Free of charge, all donations go to local charity Violets in Bloom.

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